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Meditating on hillside


breath is life

Our whole life happens in the space between our first inspiration and last expiration. It is within the cosmos of this breath that we experience being alive- let's explore the natural healing ability within our breath!

Breathwork is for you regardless of what you do and where you are at- whether you want to learn how to better deal with stress, improve your athletic performance, release trauma and stored emotions, go on a deep journey into the self, explore meditative practices, improve your overall health& wellbeing, strengthen your cognitive function, create clarity and focus in your life, boost your immune system, unleash your full human potential, improve your sleep, learn how to regulate your nervous system, and so much more- breath is the foundation of it all. Are you ready to explore the world of breathwork? 


breath is the key to your health & wellbeing

What is breathwork? 

breath both reflects and affects your state 

Breath awareness - is allowing the breath to be exactly the way it is in the moment and simply bring awareness to the breath, following and observing without changing or altering it. Your breath can guide you and show you what is alive in your body, reflecting your state of being, your emotions, your overall health and wellbeing. Breath awareness can create greater self-awareness, show us where we are out of balance, what needs tended to, where our nervous system is not regulated properly 

Conscious breathing- here we take control of the breath to change our state through consciously altering the way we breathe. Consciously connecting to the breath through breathwork is truly powerful, transformative and healing. Through guiding your breath you consciously alter the way you breathe in order to change your state by using specific breathing patterns, techniques, breath holds or breathing to a count. Conscious breathing techniques can range from restorative and relaxing, to activating and energising or consciousness altering. There are so many different techniques that can be practiced individually or in groups. The world of conscious breathing methods & techniques is vast and you might have heard about the Wim Hof Method, Oxygen Advantage, Buteyko, Rebirthing, Transformational Breath, Holotropic breath, Soma, Vivation, Integrative Breath, Breath Mastery, etc. 

Meditating in Nature & Breath

our breath is the only function in the body that is both totally automatic and under our conscious control. the breath is a bridge between mind and body, subconscious and conscious, ourselves and all of life. it is a powerful tool to regulate our nervous system and shift our state

physical, mental& emotional benefits of breathwork

  • reduces anxiety & relieves depression

  • helps adapt to stress

  • more energy

  • better & more restorative sleep 

  • strengthens the immune system

  • reduces inflammation

  • helps detox and stimulates the lymphatic system 

  • aids recovery

  • improved cognitive function, more focus and clarity

  • improves cardiovascular health & circulation

  • regulates blood PH & blood pressure

  • enhances your metabolism

  • improves your posture with awareness to breath biomechanics

  • improves mental health

  • helps with digestion

  • creates deeper presence in your body and with others

  • allows you to feel your emotions fully

  • boosts creativity

  • can bring more balance and self awareness

  • releases tension in your muscles

  • regulates and balances the nervous system

  • personal growth and transformation

  • access altered states of consciousness

  • improves athletic performance

  • greater interoceptive awareness

  • tool to connect with others and express authentically

  • emotional release and trauma release

  • shifts your state 

breathwork in nature

every breath is an invitation to become more embodied, to feel deeply, anchor you in the present moment and come fully alive. every breath has the potential to guide you back home: breathing the fibres of your mind back into the fabric of the body

our state of mind & body and our breath are linked: every emotional, psychological and physiological state in our body is linked to specific breathing patterns. for example, think about the way we breathe when we are calm and relaxed vs. when we are angry or anxious

this is a two way street- when our state changes this is reflected by changes in our breathing pattern and by consciously changing how we breathe we can change our state and thus what we think and how we feel!

breathwork in Scotland

The breath is our most sacred medicine. Breath is our portal from life to death, our gateway to existence, and our most constant companion. Our breath becomes tight or shallow when we are nervous, and deep and expansive when we are at peace. It is both the record of our life experiences and our map to return home

- Steph Magenta, Integrative Breath

why breathwork? we breathe on average 20,000 times a day! due to chronic stress, unnatural lifestyles, bad posture and stagnancy throughout the day many of us do not breathe optimally, use only a fraction of our respiratory capacity and have dysfunctional or restrictive breathing patterns. it's time to change that by taking charge of your breath and diving into the world of breathwork

come and discover the art and science of breathwork

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