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cold water therapy

Cold Water Therapy

Cold Water immersion has an incredible range of benefits and positive impacts on our heath &wellbeing. 

Nowadays we rarely expose ourselves to cold anymore- we just put on more clothing or turn up the thermostat, going from one heated space to the next. Yet physiologically we are made to be in touch with the elements and with the cold! All our ancestors knew how to regulate their system and their physiology living a life that was more in touch with their natural climate and the seasons.


Gradual exposure to cold activates those ancient systems in our body, sharpens your mind and shows you that you are capable of much more than you think you are. 

wim hof cold water immersion

activate your inner fire by going into the cold & experience the power of your mind

benefits of cold exposure

a cold dip a day keeps the doctor away

  • resilience to stress through training body& mind to relax and keep clarity in unconformable situations, through controlled & deliberate exposure to positive stress, called eustress, (as opposed to chronic stress) we can learn to adapt differently to stress in our everyday life

  • activates the bodies natural healing abilities

  • reduces inflammation

  • regulates autonomic nervous system 

  • boosts the immune system

  • cleanses and helps release stuck emotion and trauma from the body

  • great for overall wellbeing& mental health 

  •  stimulates build up BAT (brown adipose tissue)

  •  increases metabolic rate

  • improves mood, releases endorphins

  • balances the endocrine system

  • better quality of sleep

  • boosts brain power, focus & cognitive function

  • aids recovery after injury& quickens muscle restoration

  • improves circulation & cardiovascular system

  • increases energy & focus

ice bath

the cold is harsh but honest- it pulls you right into the present moment, allows you to experience the full spectrum of sensations in your body and prepares you to better deal with stress in your life

There is no escaping the Cold. It is a powerful teacher and will show you where you are out of balance or hold tension and how you react to uncomfortable and stressful situations. Through deliberate cold exposure you can train yourself to change those responses over time


It is a beautiful experience to allow yourself to fully feel the elements and come in touch with the world around you. With the right guidance, tools& techniques, you do not need to be afraid of 'getting cold' in the winter or of getting sick. You can learn to tap into your physiology and feel confident, strong and vibrant in your body when going into the cold!

the cold is an absolute doorway to the soul
-Wim Hof

wild water swimming

ready to dive into the wild waters of your being? 

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