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Human rewilding, ancestral skills

Human Rewilding

Rewilding means returning to an original and natural state of being.


Human rewilding does not have to mean being in remote places and untouched wilderness, or living completely off-grid. You can rewild yourself wherever you are by making simple lifestyle choices and adopting a more natural lifestyle. Our ancestors all shared certain ways of living through which they thrived- in tune with the body's circadian rhythm and free from artificial light sources, eating wild, local, seasonal and unprocessed food, exposure to sunlight and contact with the ground (earthing), functional and healthy breathing patterns, community living and connection, movement and posture aligned with our biology (e.g. not sitting in a chair all day), time to play, create art, song and stories, exposure to the elements and the cold& cyclical living with the seasons. 

barefoot earthing

whether you live in a city or in the forest- you can rewild your internal landscape anywhere!

I approach Human Rewilding as both an external and internal endeavour of allowing our animal bodies to return to a state in which we are fully self-regulating and in balance, connected to our intuition, instincts, inner knowing and can express ourselves and our emotions freely. Rewilding the internal landscape looks different for everyone but there are certain tools and techniques that support our biology, such as breathwork, cold water immersions, ancestral movement and play, a wholesome ancestral & seasonal diet and light exposure in alignment with our circadian rhythm. 


Friends in Nature

human rewilding is all about community too. community and connection is in our human nature- none of our ancestors survived or thrived alone.

to thrive we need to feel connected & supported, so we can learn and grow together- witnessing each other and creating spaces where we feel truly seen and held

Rewilding is coming into right relationship.


With land, with our bodies, with each other.


Restoring and nurturing natural cycles within and without, and recognizing their interdependency. let's honour the rhythms & cycles of our body and the land instead of fighting against them

As humans we are keystone species and we have an important role to play in our natural ecosystems. Rather than stepping back from ecological communities to not cause any harm, we need to step up and learn how to interact in ways that are restoring, nurturing, and building resilience of our local ecosystems

ancestral skills

We do not 'come into' this world; we come out of it, as leaves from a tree - Alan Watts

Ancestral crafts& skills I currently offer are fish skin tanning, sheepskin tanning and crafting with deer rawhide (e.g. containers or lanterns) and traditional style drum birthing workshops. 

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