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Client Love-Testimonials

Curious about working with me? This is what participants and clients have to say about their experience with me

breathwork testimonials

"Amazing experience doing this beautiful magical retreat. I loved it, the breath work was so shifting, the cold water experience was absolutely wonderful as I learnt how to breathe properly so that I felt peace being in the water. I loved going deep into the forest off the paths to forage the magical golden mushroom chaga, it was very interesting to learn how amazing this mushroom is. Lisa is a beautiful soul and I learnt so much of her knowledge and will use in my life. I felt very safe and felt very held in this awesome retreat, highly recommend! " - Kirsty R. 

Ocean Water

"The most magical experience I’ve ever had. Can’t tell you both how much I loved the weekend. The people, the guidance and the unbelievable surroundings. I feel refreshed and so much more aware of my own mind, breath and body. I will most definitely be back again soon. Can’t recommend it enough" - Jennifer

River Rapids

"A few weeks after the retreat: I’m still carrying this sense of peace and connection to my environment and the seasons.  It’s truly a wonderful thing to be able to retreat and I’ve done quite a few at this point. Never have I known one so well held and cared for.  If you want to take a minute to stop, recalibrate and reassess, a retreat with these two is a great place to start"- Bran


This experience truly was priceless. My time spent with Allan and Lisa was priceless.

I emerged from the Embrace the Winter retreat feeling fully rejuvenated and inspired. Each day was a perfect blend of thoughtfully planned activities and going with the flow of the group. I was visiting from America and really wanted to connect with Scotland in an authentic way. I learned breathing techniques from Allan that I can apply in everyday life no matter where I am and I learned so much from Lisa about nature, new plants, our bodies' natural rhythms, and so much more. The cold water experiences were the icing on the cake. At first I was hesitant and scared, but it was so invigorating and empowering. I felt very safe and supported by Allan and Lisa and the entire group. We all went at our own pace and progressed throughout the weekend. It was touching to realize my own growth and inner strength throughout the retreat and see it in the others- unique individuals who started off as strangers but now I feel are true friends. The food alone was worth it! The meals were absolutely delicious. Do yourself a favour and do a retreat with these guys! I will definitely be back - Mary- Beth

wild breath

“I was blessed to be invited to a breathing workshop with Lisa Krause in April.  Lisa is a wonderful teacher and guide; her calm and gentle voice and excellent instruction helped me to feel totally safe and relaxed as she took me through the steps of conscious breathwork.  Her lessons were easy to follow, and I always felt she was totally present to her students and ready to support and respond to any questions or concerns.  Following her instructions, my body came into a deep state of peace and relaxation and at the same time, the breathing exercises energized me.  I'm so grateful to have had such a marvelous first experience of breathwork with Lisa's care.”- Elisa Graf

retreats Scotland

"Breath work with Lisa was only a positive experience! Before, I was never drawn to breath work at all. In the past I had experienced that any manipulation of my breath left me feeling anxious and stressed. So I was highly surprised and impressed when I had my first online group session with Lisa, as I didn't experience any of that anxiety. We did a beautiful, soft circular breathing method and about halfway through, a wave of emotion built up inside me and moved out of me with my breath. It was such a beautiful experience, a necessary release that I could have never imagined would come from simply breathing. But that's Lisa's philosophy! And she upholds it both through deep theoretical explanation and by helping us have a lived embodied experience of the power of breath. She's both highly intellectual and intuitive in her knowledge of the body.

I also had the opportunity to do an intergenerational breath work session with Lisa guiding me, my mother and my grandmother both in English and German. It was a very moving experience and we all came away feeling energized, connected and grateful."- Sonja Graf


"My wife and I were visiting Scotland and I did a private event with Lisa and could not recommend it enough. She took us on an awesome hike to an absolutely magical waterfall. Along the way she provided great insights on the area, wildlife and plants we were seeing. As well as being very friendly. Once we got to the waterfall, she walked us through how to get into the water and made sure we felt comfortable with the spot we were going to get into. I have done plunges like this before, my wife has been in cold water but not like this. Lisa taught me new breathing techniques that I can use moving forward and made my wife feel comfortable enough to get in the water. When we got in the water, she helped us do the breath work we practised. After getting out, she helped us through movements to warm us back up and then shared some delicious, warm tea with us as we reviewed the plunge and took in the surroundings. She was communicative leading up to the event and very accommodating of our schedule. If we had more time we would have done this again and will certainly go out with her if ever back in Scotland. Seriously, this was a 10/10 experience and we can’t recommend enough"- Brad

wild water immersion

"Lisa is a wonderful breathwork coach, and I always leave our sessions feeling energized, inspired and grateful. I appreciate how responsive and adaptable she is to my needs moment by moment, and also how she weaves facts about the body and the brain together with a holistic regard for who I am as a person. The sessions are never cookie cutter but focused on areas in my body that feel constricted, tight or shut down. With breath and movement we invite in awareness and life, so that not only my physiology but also my mindset shifts. I would recommend Lisa to everyone on a path of embodiment who wants to explore working with the breath with a compassionate and knowledgeable coach! " - Lilia K. 

nature breath

“I've had several beautiful experiences through the breathwork sessions with Lisa Krause. Lisa has the ability to guide you through the practice of breathing, by using visualizations connected to nature and natural elements during the sessions. This impacts how I experience my breath and makes me feel connected with, and part of, the elements that surround me. Lisa also sustains a balance between guidance and silence, and in one-on-one sessions she creates a space for one's own particular needs and wishes in that moment, based on for example mood, state of mind, stress level etc., and designs the sessions accordingly so the focus and intensity of the session is based on individual needs. Within the sessions Lisa offers factual knowledge on breathing techniques but always stimulates me to follow my own experiences and to respect my boundaries and intuition.

I recommend Lisa Krause to everyone who wishes to explore and expand the capabilities of, and friendship with, their own bodies and minds, through the breath.” - Nina Wendel

breathwork in nature

“Lisa has taken me through three breathwork sessions so far. Each have been profound in different ways. It is difficult to describe to someone who has not tried it, and quite surprising that one's experience can be so radically altered by attending to a process that we take for granted - breathing. The only way to know what I am talking about is to try it. Lisa understands and engages the philosophy and science of breathwork as much as she does indigenous and local knowledges. She is a very patient, present and enthusiastic person who really cares about other people. I cannot think of a better person to guide through this important work.”- Ramsey Affifi

Wild Scenery

“I had the pleasure to attend three group sessions with Lisa so far and discovered new aspects about my breath and body during each one of them. Lisa carries such enthusiasm when sharing her view on the importance of breath, her eyes really start to sparkle with excitement, which is highly contagious. I found her very knowledgeable, both rationally (i.e. she knows the science of how breath affects your body in various ways) and experientially (i.e. she’s got a great feel for a group’s energy and knows how to build up an atmosphere of trust prior to delving into the practical part). During the session, she strikes a good balance between both aspects, so your ‘thinking mind’ gets enough factual input to step aside and to allow your body to fully relax. I also noted that already after the first session, I started to build up a subtle awareness surrounding my breath throughout the day, and I now more easily catch myself when holding it or breathing too shallow while feeling uneasy, and am able to remember to take a deep breath and relax again.”- Julika W. 


"I had the pleasure of attending a workshop with "Wild Breath" a couple of weeks ago. It was my first breath work session to attend and I was a bit nervous about what to expect but also very excited to learn something new.

The session started with some informative theory about our sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system and how it is linked with breath and of course: stress. I loved how the theory was incorporated as it made me understand the following session better.

Lisa is a very warm, supportive, and open-minded breath coach. She asked our small group what we wanted to gain and what we wanted to work on and moulded her session around our needs.

Let me point out her soothing, calm, and warm voice she leads her breath sessions with. Amazing! I felt very comfortable and relaxed. Breath work is a de-stresser as well as an enhancer for your focus. I thrive to incorporate what I have learned during Lisa`s session in my busy day. The techniques she showed us help me better fall asleep at night after a stressful day. I highly recommend “Wild Breath”! Do something good for yourself and join a session with Lisa, I am sure it will increase your health as it has mine" - Helen G.

Mountain Cabin

" To be honest, I was not sure how the session would go - and was probably mildly sceptical because I did not know what to expect.  But to my surprise and amazement, I found the session  very useful to learn how to slow my breathing, explore deep breathing techniques, ease the tension in my muscles, and learn to how relax my mind and body.  I benefited because I attended the session with an open mind, despite some reservations at first.  I felt so much refreshed and better after the session. 

Lisa is a warm wonderful trainer who made me feel at ease from the start and conducted the session very professionally! From what I learned, I now practice deep breathing techniques on my own once or twice a week to help calm my mind and body - and just learn how to relax for better health. I especially needed to learn how to do this in a fast paced environment like Singapore, where I am based.  I would like to thank Lisa for passionately sharing her expertise and knowledge through the session.  These days, I notice my blood pressure readings have also gone down after practicing deep breathing techniques!  I feel better physically too.  Thank you Wild Breath!" -Ella Maaran


"I would like to thank Lisa for an amazing experience of a breathwork session. Lisa was very professional guide, I loved how she held a safe environment which was very important for me in order to relax. We have started with a little chat, then Lisa told me what we are going to do, so I could prepare myself for what is about to come. Than I had a lovely experience with guided meditation which was very gentle, professional and done with a soft voice. I would come back just for this peaceful moment . The actual breath work is very simple but also very powerfull and it helped me to calm down my thoughts, I could quiet myself and finally got the chance just to be. 


I'm definitely going to recommend this experience and hope to work with Lisa again very soon. Thank you for your care, it was very nice to be in your energy" -Petr

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