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Time is TBD


zoom/ teams video call or in person

Breathwork sessions

One-on-one breathwork coaching sessions & guided breath journeys tailored to your individual needs

Breathwork sessions
Breathwork sessions

Time & Location

Time is TBD

zoom/ teams video call or in person


One-on-one sessions with me will look differently depending on your needs and your individual journey.

Together we will explore how working with the breath can support you most and guide you back home to your body for optimal health & wellbeing.

These sessions can focus on functional breathing for your everyday life for better sleep, more energy, more focus, deeper relaxation and better mental health ( to name just a few examples). Or, the sessions can be highly experiential guided breath journeys to release stored emotions and trauma.

We will always start with an initial assessment of your breathing mechanics and breathing habits and then establish together how I can support you most through breathwork guidance.

Breathwork is for you regardless of what you do and where you are at- whether you want to learn how to better deal with stress, improve your athletic performance, release trauma and stored emotions, go on a deep journey into the self, explore meditative practices, improve your overall health& wellbeing, strengthen your cognitive function, create clarity and focus in your life, boost your immune system, unleash your full human potential, improve your sleep, learn how to regulate your nervous system, and so much more- breath is the foundation of it all. Are you ready to explore the world of breathwork?

Sessions can range between 60 and 120 minutes. For longer session please contact me to organize a private day breathwork retreat.

Get in touch with me for a free 15 minute chat to see if we are a good fit and how I can best support you.

physical, mental& emotional benefits of breathwork:

  • reduces anxiety & relieves depression
  • helps adapt to stress
  • more energy
  • better & more restorative sleep
  • strengthens the immune system
  • reduces inflammation
  • helps detox and stimulates the lymphatic system
  • aids recovery
  • improved cognitive function, more focus and clarity
  • improves cardiovascular health & circulation
  • regulates blood PH & blood pressure
  • enhances your metabolism
  • improves your posture with awareness to breath biomechanics
  • improves mental health
  • helps with digestion
  • creates deeper presence in your body and with others
  • allows you to feel your emotions fully
  • boosts creativity
  • can bring more balance and self awareness
  • releases tension in your muscles
  • regulates and balances the nervous system
  • personal growth and transformation
  • access altered states of consciousness
  • improves athletic performance
  • greater interoceptive awareness
  • tool to connect with others and express authentically
  • emotional release and trauma release
  • shifts your state

4 or 8 session pricing plans and packages are avaible, please get in touch for more info


  • 1 hour session

    +£1.63 service fee
  • 2 hour session

    +£2.88 service fee
  • 50% deposit 1 hour session

    non-refundable deposit to book a time& date for 1.5 hour breathwork session.

    +£0.81 service fee
  • 50% deposit 2 hour session

    non-refundable deposit to book date& time for 2 hr breathwork session

    +£1.44 service fee
  • Day retreat deep dive special

    in person day retreat, work with me 1-1 for a full day in the Scottish Highlands (6 hours incl. lunchbreak)

    +£7.50 service fee



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