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Sat, 04 May


The Clubroom Altyre

Breath of Life - a workshop to dive deep into the world of your breath

Connect to your body and tap into the healing and transformative power of your breath during a 3 hour guided workshop diving deep into the world of breathwork!

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Breath of Life - a workshop to dive deep into the world of your breath
Breath of Life - a workshop to dive deep into the world of your breath

Time & Location

04 May 2024, 13:00 – 16:00

The Clubroom Altyre, The Clubroom Altyre Estate, Forres IV36 2SH, UK


Breath is Life. 

Your body is a whole microcosm and holds so much wisdom and intelligence. It is a direct expression of nature. You are the living, breathing cosmos expressed. And one of the ways to connect to that is through your breath. Breath is life. Breath intimately connects us to all that is alive and blurs the boundaries between internal and external. Coming into presence with our bodies and internal landscape in this way is an ever deepening journey of experiencing ourselves as earth, of our bodies being in direct relationship with and mirroring the larger earth body. And I love to share my experience of this journey with you in facilitating a space to come home to your body and tap into the healing and transformative power of breathwork. It is all inside of you…..

During this 3 hour experience you will learn how to use your breath for physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. During the first half you will learn all about functional breathing, breathing biomechanics and the link between your breath and your nervous system. We will explore fun and practical exercises to integrate into your everyday life for deep relaxation, better sleep, more energy and better focus.

During the second half of this experience you will be guided on a meditative breathwork journey, where you can completely let go, relax, reset and restore.

Why breathwork? we breathe on average 20,000 times a day! Due to chronic stress, unnatural lifestyles, bad posture and stagnancy throughout the day, many of us do not breathe optimally, use only a fraction of our respiratory capacity and have dysfunctional or restrictive breathing patterns. It's time to change that by taking charge of your breath and diving into the world of breathwork

Breathwork is for you regardless of what you do and where you are at- whether you want to learn how to better deal with stress, improve your athletic performance, release trauma and stored emotions, go on a deep journey into the self, explore meditative practices, improve your overall health & wellbeing, strengthen your cognitive function, create clarity and focus in your life, boost your immune system, unleash your full human potential, improve your sleep, learn how to regulate your nervous system, and so much more- breath is the foundation of it all. 

Are you ready to explore the world of breathwork?

✨Saturday, 4th May, 1-4pm, The Clubroom Altyre, Forres✨

If you would like to pay by bank transfer (which is preferred) please get in touch with me, this way you won't have to pay the service fee for processing the payment through the website. PLEASE NOTE: once purchased, tickets are non-refundable. if you can't come/ have to cancel you are welcome to transfer your ticket to a friend if you like

This is what people say who have attended my breathwork classes and workshops: 

"Lisa is a wonderful breathwork coach, and I always leave our sessions feeling energized, inspired and grateful. I appreciate how responsive and adaptable she is to my needs moment by moment, and also how she weaves facts about the body and the brain together with a holistic regard for who I am as a person. The sessions are never cookie cutter but focused on areas in my body that feel constricted, tight or shut down. With breath and movement we invite in awareness and life, so that not only my physiology but also my mindset shifts. I would recommend Lisa to everyone on a path of embodiment who wants to explore working with the breath with a compassionate and knowledgeable coach! " - Lilia K.

“Lisa has taken me through three breathwork sessions so far. Each have been profound in different ways. It is difficult to describe to someone who has not tried it, and quite surprising that one's experience can be so radically altered by attending to a process that we take for granted - breathing. The only way to know what I am talking about is to try it. Lisa understands and engages the philosophy and science of breathwork as much as she does indigenous and local knowledges. She is a very patient, present and enthusiastic person who really cares about other people. I cannot think of a better person to guide through this important work.”- Ramsey Affifi

"I would like to thank Lisa for an amazing experience of a breathwork session. Lisa was very professional guide, I loved how she held a safe environment which was very important for me in order to relax. We have started with a little chat, then Lisa told me what we are going to do, so I could prepare myself for what is about to come. Than I had a lovely experience with guided meditation which was very gentle, professional and done with a soft voice. I would come back just for this peaceful moment . The actual breath work is very simple but also very powerfull and it helped me to calm down my thoughts, I could quiet myself and finally got the chance just to be.

I'm definitely going to recommend this experience and hope to work with Lisa again very soon. Thank you for your care, it was very nice to be in your energy" -Petr

" To be honest, I was not sure how the session would go - and was probably mildly sceptical because I did not know what to expect.  But to my surprise and amazement, I found the session  very useful to learn how to slow my breathing, explore deep breathing techniques, ease the tension in my muscles, and learn to how relax my mind and body.  I benefited because I attended the session with an open mind, despite some reservations at first.  I felt so much refreshed and better after the session.

Lisa is a warm wonderful trainer who made me feel at ease from the start and conducted the session very professionally! From what I learned, I now practice deep breathing techniques on my own once or twice a week to help calm my mind and body - and just learn how to relax for better health. I especially needed to learn how to do this in a fast paced environment like Singapore, where I am based.  I would like to thank Lisa for passionately sharing her expertise and knowledge through the session.  These days, I notice my blood pressure readings have also gone down after practicing deep breathing techniques!  I feel better physically too.  Thank you Wild Breath!" -Ella Maaran

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