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Wild Breath with Lisa Krause

•Rewild • Reconnect • Remember • Restore•



come fully alive: rewild your inner landscape, tap into your power & unlock your full potential

wild experiences in the most magical places in Scotland and beyond 










explore the innate wisdom and abilities of your body for optimal health & wellbeing and to fully thrive

Welcome to Wild Breath! Become fully human and feel healthy & vibrant in your body!  In our modern world there is so much disconnection - we loose touch from our natural state of being ( which is to thrive, not just survive)- through chronic stress, unnatural postures  and stagnancy, artificial light sources, over stimulation of our senses, working against natural cycles and the seasons. There are simple yet effective tools to tap into the innate power and wisdom of our physiology for mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. These include breathwork, embodiment & nervous system regulation techniques, cold water therapy, ancestral skills & crafts and the power of community connection. Learn how to use these tools to rewild yourself, activate the ancient systems in your body and unlock your full potential.


Wild Breath creates spaces for returning home to your body and the land, facilitating deep connection to body, nature and to each other. We offer workshops, courses, events, retreats, one-on-one guidance, health and wellbeing trainings and bespoke offerings for you to connect to your inner nature, integrate mind back into body, craft with hands and heart, remember ancestral wisdom for modern times and to come fully alive in your animal body, while being held and guided by the incredible lands and waters of Scotland. 

Meditating on the Beach

What Clients Say

"I would like to thank Lisa for an amazing experience of a breathwork session. Lisa was very professional guide, I loved how she held a safe environment which was very important for me in order to relax. We have started with a little chat, than Lisa told me what we are going to do, so I could prepare myself for what is about to come. Then I had a lovely experience with guided meditation which was very gentle, professional and done with a soft voice. I would come back just for this peaceful moment . The actual breath work is very simple but also very powerful and it helped me to calm down my thoughts, I could quiet myself and finally got the chance just to be. 


I'm definitely going to recommend this experience and hope to work with Lisa again very soon. Thank you for your care, it was very nice to be in your energy" -Petr

Wild Breath is born from of the vision that human rewilding is a part of rewilding the land. We believe that rewilding external and internal landscapes go hand in hand as the distinction between inner and outer is porous and in constant interrelationship. Our vision is to create experiences through which you can experience yourself as an expression of nature, rather than just 'being in nature'.


Reciprocity & interrelationship with the land, ancestral re-membering, community creation and deep body-rootedness are at the core of our offerings. Come and explore how your body's innate intelligence can guide you in navigating through the world.


are you ready to come home to your body, reconnect to your wild self and live life fully?  

Wild Scottish Stag

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retreats, events, workshops, one-on-one sessions, health& wellbeing training, team building days & bespoke experiences in the Cairngorms

thriving in nature

we are meant to thrive,
not just survive

Let's create magic together! For any inquiries about collaborations, bespoke offerings, individual support, wellness consultations,  custom drum orders and other kinds of inquiries, please feel free to reach out here.


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